HFCS v. Diabetes: Correlation does not mean causation.

The latest study[1] on the evils of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) so annoys the Corn Refiners Association that it broke the study’s embargo. Reporters were not supposed to write about the study until today, but the Corn Refiners issued a press release[2] yesterday: “Caution: New Study Alleging HFCS-Diabetes Link is Flawed and Misleading.” The New York Times quickly posted...

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Consciousness and Complexity

[#item_title] How do conscious experiences, subjectivity, and apparent free will arise from their biological substrates? In the mid 1600s Descartes formulatedthis question in a form that has persisted ever since [1]. According to Cartesian dualismconsciousness exists in a non‐physical mode, raising the difficult question of its relation to physical interactions in the brain, body andenvironment. Even in the late twentieth century, consciousness was...

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[#item_title] Similar to how we refer to younger generations as Digital Natives, I suppose you should refer to me as a Video Game Native. Video games have existed throughout my life, though in my earliest years, they very rudimentary, by today’s standards. I grew up hearing opinions that video games cause violence and that they desensitize people to it. Before...

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